Indie Authors Advent Calendar


First Notice! I will be participating in the Indie Author’s Advent Calendar 2016, organized by my friend Cat Gerlach. If you’d like email reminders, as the calendar doors start opening December 1, you are welcome to sign up at:

Indie Author’s Advent Calendar Signup

Signup is not mandatory, however, it does give perks. Daily reminder e-mails will have a little something extra from the featured author of the day. And list members will get all the stories bundled into a free ebook on Christmas Day.

I’ll give you all a hint about my story – we’re returning to my favorite swamp, where Sly and Squodge are about to join Flindie and Melda for Solstice dinner. But then the unexpected arrival of Flindie’s Auntie and Cousins makes everything take a turn for the weird. 😀

If you want to find out what happens, I’ll post the link here in December.